Note for I easily attain my goals

I easily attain my goals by combining action with prayer.

In prayer, I communicate my deepest feelings and desires to my Creator. With gratitude for all things wonderful, I give thanks. When I feel like I’ve lost my way, I pray for direction and guidance. Then, I take action.

I feel peace when I pray and am reassured that there is a great purpose for my life.

When I pray, I do more than hope for an answer; I become part of the answer. I put feet on my prayers by mobilizing myself into action.

I begin each journey down my chosen paths with prayer. Although prayer sometimes requires waiting for direction, when I feel that the moment is right, I spring into action.

There are times when prayer alone meets my needs. Just talking about my circumstances helps me to feel better. At times, I need to pray and wait in faith. Other times, though, I must pray and then act with boldness.

Acting without praying can be a recipe for disaster, like a ship without a compass on the open seas. Prayer gives me a sense of direction and keeps me from getting lost.

On the other hand, praying without acting is like sitting in a car with the emergency brake on, hoping that the vehicle will start moving. I realize that I am required to take some actions, like turning on the car and taking off the brake, to attain my goals.

Today, I choose to combine action with prayer to make my dreams come true. I use wisdom to differentiate between the time to pray and the time to act in order to get the most out of both.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • What can I pray about today?
  • How can I add action to my prayers?
  • What happens when I act without praying first?
  • What if I pray but don’t take action?