I can get through tough times in life - note

I can get through tough times in life.

Good times and bad times are both normal parts of life. When my life is going great, I am, naturally, happy about it. I relish in those experiences as much as I can. Yet, I also recognize that challenging times happen in every life as well.

When I see myself approaching a trying situation, my self-confidence pushes me forward. I believe I can do whatever life requires and weather any storm.

I work to re-frame constraining events as challenges. I might say, “Here’s a bump in the road; I can tolerate it” or “This is my next mountain; I can climb it.” I remind myself that these situations are simply temporary obstacles in my path. One way or another, I can move past them.

The dichotomy of living is that in order to truly connect with and experience the high and momentous times, I must be successful in navigating my way through tough circumstances as well. In essence, moving through the lows enables me to truly enjoy the highs.

I understand the incredible necessity of both types of experiences.

Today, I feel secure in the knowledge that I can handle any situation that life presents. I am optimistic about managing the tough times in life as they come along.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • Do I feel that I can successfully steer through my life storms?
  • What are my doubts? Why does my confidence waver in these situations?
  • How can I strengthen my resilience for tough times?