note for I am a good friend

I am a good friend.

So many things fill up my days. I run errands, work, and interact with many people. Yet, regardless of how busy my life is, I make time to be a good friend.

A good friend has a multitude of qualities. I know when to listen. I recognize when it’s the right time to offer support, guidance, or honesty. I uplift my friends when I see that they are down. And if I believe I have knowledge that would help my friend in a given situation, I share it.

I am open and genuine in my communications, which strengthens our bond and helps prevent misunderstandings.

I pay attention to what is happening in the lives of my friends and make myself available if they need me. I can be reached by phone nearly any time of the day or night because being a good friend is important to me.

One of the nice things about friendship is that being a good friend benefits me, too. I am filled with feelings of pride, joy, and many other rewards because of my friendships.

Today, I vow to be the best friend I can be. To this end, I list all the ways that I am a good friend and refresh my efforts to be the best friend anyone could have.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • Am I a good friend?
  • How do I show my friendship to my friends?
  • What can I do to become a better friend?